Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nia Peeples Sproting my Wide Brimmed Visor!

Nia Peeples Style: Wide Brimmed Visor
by Heather Graef (Gstudio)
Just a few days ago Nia Peeples put on my visor and tweeted about it!

This year I was invited into The Artisan Group, an exclusive art promotions group representing artisans at Hollywood's best celebrity Gift Lounges. TAG also creates customized celebrity gift bags, featuring custom work by select artisans.

Thanks to TAG I have had the opportunity to send my bags and accessories to Drew Barrymore, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, and Most recently Nia Peeples of Pretty Little Liars.

Nia was one of my favorites on the TV series Fame in the 80's, so I was really happy when she tweeted about the visor I sent her: "Here in Malibu I'll certainly be using this wide brimmed hat by Heather Graef at "

So if you see Nia walking the beach (wearing my visor in style) in Malibu say hello for me! And by the way, if you find yourself jonesing for some Fame episodes, you can watch it on Hulu...

My friend, Creek Van Houten
(Also a TAG Artisan) wearing her visor

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