Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zip 'er Up!

An incredible piece of wizardry, the zipper is. The invention we now use every day without a second thought, was originally conceived and by Elias Howe in 1851. However at this time, Howe's attention was focused on his invention of the sewing machine, and he did not try to market his "Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure."

The concept was further refined forty-two years later, and named the "Clasp Locker" by Whitcomb Judson. Its public debut at the 1893 World's Fair met with little commercial success, but the design as we know it today came from Swedish scientist Gideon Sundback, an employee of Judson. Taking the invention through more than one revision, Sundback ultimately patented the "Separable Fastener" in 1917.

Shortly after, the B.F. Goodrich Company marketed galoshes with Sundback's fasteners, and the product finally became popular. "A Goodrich executive is said to have slid the fastener up and down on the boot and exclaimed, “Zip 'er up,” echoing the sound made by this clever device  and the fasteners came to be called "zippers." " (quoted from

Any girl alive today can't ignore that designers are using zippers as decorative elements in clothing and accessories. I might have been lagging just a tad on this trend - but I happen to have zippers around, so I am putting them to good use, working on industrial adornments for the Rivertown Revival. I'll be selling these, along with other novel items like adjustable bow ties for girls and boys, and of course my bags. This themed event is coming up in July, featuring local vendors, foods, old-time games, and music on the Petaluma riverfront. Check my Facebook Page for the date and details. I hope to see you there - and don't forget to dress in your turn of the century garb, assuming you have some in your closet?!?

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