Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Embrace Your Boho

Boho style on the runway
The layering of hippie, folk, romantic, flowing cotton blouses, beaded necklaces, leather and metal accents, and ethnic-inspired textiles is everywhere. The bohemian look has come and gone many times, each reincarnation with a new twist. Boho Chic reigns again in 2012.

Traveling to the Mideast, my grandparents, Fran and Harry, brought back wonderful carpets and kilims. Growing up with these rugs under my feet influenced my gravitation toward textural graphic textiles and designs. My grands were also savvy in the modern design department. I have their well-worn Eames-style lounge chairs—they would be fun to recover, boho style, like this one at

Eames, meet Boho
I joke a little when I say "I make hippie bags," but as unique as the tradition of weaving, each bag in my Caravan Collection is made from one of a kind kilim prayer rugs. I am at peace with the spirit of bohemia—a sense of adventure, a modern riff on tradition, and for me, a feeling of home. Hippie bags are OK!

New bags from my Caravan Collection
© 2012 Heather Graef/Gstudi


The kilim is believed to have its origins in the tribal flatweaves of Central Asia. While kilims may have been in production as early as 3,000 BC, the slitweave technique seen in Kilim rugs is thought to have originated around 1,000 BC, related to much older flatwoven textiles discovered at Fostat in Egypt.

Before Kilims became decorative items they were an essential part of life in tribal communities. For practical purposes, they were used as floor coverings, protection from the elements, and to store grains and other goods. However each was woven with symbolic imagery, telling a unique story in the life of the weaver. Modern kilims still incorporate many of these symbols.


Select bags from the Caravan Collection will be available at local events, and in my online shop by the summer.
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Channel your inner-Boho sooner, and click here for some lovely kilim wallpapers for your computer screen: 


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  1. Gosh, your new bags are beautiful! Clever girl!